Sunday, February 22, 2009

Working mother?

Working mother. Seriously? This is not so much a complaint with the concept as it is a dispute with the grammatical aspect, as this term is clearly an oxymoron. And while my feminist bearings would surely love the chance to rant about the hard, important work mothers do in being just that, mothers - that's not really where I'm coming from at the moment.
My issue is this. Look at the photo of my amazingly beautiful daughter. I've been home with her for nine wonderful days. And mid-winter break ends today and tomorrow it' s back to the grind at work. At my job that I love. That is to say, I usually love my job, except on the Sunday before going back to work. It's actually physically painful to leave her, and yet I know I have to.
I am a working mother and I'm working to find balance, it's just that often the pull is so much stronger from one side than the other. I mean, seriously, look at how cute she is. How could you not feel pulled in her direction?

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